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We have a wide range of generators from 10 K.V.A. to 1000 K.V.A. and with 50 Hz or 60 Hz suitable for offshore applications also. All generators to be used offshore are skid-mounted and spark arrested. All have computerized and automatic shut-down systems.

CAT features include:
  • Complete generator set packages and switchgear available from one manufacturer.
  • Compact, modular to 4040 KW or KVA.
  • Generator insulation meets or exceeds Class F requirements.
  • Tropicalization for extended life in moist, dirty or sandy environments.
  • Solid State overloads protection.
  • Brands available are like ATLAS COPCO, GEN POWER, CAT....
  • Our machines are insured & certified.
  • Maintenance is our scope
  • Replacement facility (if breakdown takes more than one day for repair).
Terms and Conditions:
  • Payment:                      As per the Rental Agreement.
  • Delivery:                       Against LPO.
  • Accessories:                Cable, fuel, Distribution Board, Change Over Switch,                                    Transportation (at extra cost).  
  • In case of machine breakdown contact details will be mentioned in the quotation.
  • Off-hire notice should be faxed at least 1 day before the rental termination.
  • Machine mobilization and demobilization charges shall be extra, depending upon capacity and location.
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